it begins
Jamais Jamais had their humble beginnings when Melynda  flew in for a visit to Portland, OR from Portland, ME to visit  sister, Erin. This time together in late 2010 included a week long recording session that resulted in two unreleased demo songs, Nothing and Winter Skies. They decided to call themselves Jamais Jamais (Jhah-may Jhah-may), meaning Never Never in French. To them their name chosen was a funny play on words. Its a double negative which equals a positive, like happy in a sad way and sad in a happy way, not unlike their music.

Melynda made a big move to Portland, OR a year later to see where the music with Erin could take them. After having a couple musician friends, Dave Smits and Alex Roy, play with them live and after writing many songs, they joined forces with NW classically trained musician Donna Potts. Two sisters from New England and a  friend from the Pacific NW became Jamais Jamais as it is today. Their combined influences of folk, classical, soul, pop, doom and rock have played an integral part in the musical identity and unification of Jamais Jamais.

 ​​Pictured Left to Right: Donna Potts,  Erin Jane Laroue Melynda Amann